Sharing your Model
Financial models are meant to be shared and discussed. Sturppy makes sharing your model easy both in and out of the application.
You're probably going to need to share the model you've built in Sturppy with someone - be it employees, advisors, or investors. There are three ways to share your model in Sturppy:
  • Export the Excel spreadsheet version of your 3 financial statements
  • Share an external link to Sturppy dashboard (read only)
  • Invite via email (read/write)
Below you'll find how each of these is done and when you might elect to choose one over the other.

Exporting to Excel

Exporting financial statements to Excel is discussed more in depth in the "Projections & KPIs" section of the documentation, but here's a quick summary of how to do it:
  1. 1.
    Click on the "Projections" section of the Navigation bar
  2. 2.
    Click on the financial statement you want to export and view it in spreadsheet form inside Sturppy
  3. 3.
    Click the "cloud" icon in the upper right to trigger an Excel file download
Many people, especially investors and other financial types, prefer to view financial statements in Excel in spreadsheet format. Sturppy provides for this by enabling you to easily export to Excel, but keep in mind - the spreadsheet export will not contain all of the cell formulas that would be present if the model had been created natively in Excel. Sharing a link to the Sturppy dashboard can provide more depth to your model than numbers in a spreadsheet.
Sharing an external link is as easy as exporting an Excel file and you have the added bonus of being able to see how many people have viewed your model! When you share an external link, anyone with whom you share the link will be able to view your model in Sturppy as you would, but they are not able to make edits.
The external link to your model is found in the "Project" section of the Navigation bar:
External Link inside "Settings"
You can simply copy the link using the button the first "paper" button next to the link, and refresh the link using the "refresh" button on the far right. Below that in the "Visitors" window, you have a quick view your visitor count over the most recent week and month, and clicking into the window will show you additional details about those visitors.

Invite via Email

Inviting others via email is mostly meant for teams. This allows others to join you in Sturppy and make edits to the financial model. To add others to your team, simply click on "Settings" in the Navigation bar, and then the "Team" window inside "Settings":
Invite Teammates
Click the (+) button to add a new row, input the user's accurate information, and hit the "Save" button at the top right hand of the screen. When the person you've invited receives their email, they'll be able to sign up and join you in editing models in Sturppy. While we did intend this feature to be for coworkers to work together on a model, we have seen it used to share with investors. Just keep in mind that invited persons are counted as part of your accounts user count, which varies by plan type.
At this time, we advise users to only allow 1 person at a time to make changes to the model. If multiple users are editing the same model at the same time, you may experience over writing/sync errors. We plan to improve the real-time collaboration in the future.
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