The "Project" page in the Navigation bar is where you can create new versions of your model, change display colors of charts and visualizations, adjust the time frame and currency your projections are


In the "Project" section of the Project page, you can change the name of the current project you're working in, the tax rate that will be applied to all earnings your business generates in the model, and the currency in which all numbers in the model are denominated in.


Directly under "Project" you'll see your "Version" settings. You'll see that the "Business Model" and "Scenario" fields are uneditable and display the choices you made for each when you began building the model. See the "Scenarios" section for changing the scenario version of your model.
The "Version" field allows you to create an entirely new copy of your model. This allows you to experiment with new assumptions and changes to your model without changing anything to the original(s). If you're using the "Scenarios" feature to model different outcomes, changes to scenario in one version will not carry over to other versions.


The "Projections" portion of the Project page is where you can define the numbers of time periods you want to model for, change the time frames in which your model is displayed in Sturppy, set a Start and End date for the model. This section basically serves as the guardrails for the model in that these settings define the time frame you're modeling on and time periods you want the model to display throughout all the graphs in Sturppy.


The branding section allows you to easily change the colors of the graphs across Sturppy to match your company's brand colors. Simple as that.
Please see the Sharing your Model section for an in depth overview of how to share external links.